My name is Allie Holbrook.   At thirty five I quit alcohol cold turkey and stepped into a sober, and better, life.  I blog about my experience as a mother in getting sober, and give advice on how to quit alcohol and the side effects of quitting alcohol.  The short version is this: you’ll feel very tired all the time at first, then you’ll feel a million times better.  Also there is a very good chance that you will put on weight at first, just so you know.

I’m a freelance feature writer and content marketing writer specialising in addiction and recovery writing.  My work has been published in a range of publications including Substance, Recovery and Mumsnet.  My portfolio can be viewed here.

If you’re an editor looking for a writer on addiction and recovery, I can be contacted at allieholbrook79@gmail.com or on twitter as @afteralcoholnow.


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  1. Welcome~ I just found your blog. I am a mum too (however my babies just entered the teens) and in my late 30’s. I have poked around the sober blogging world for some time now and completed one 100 day challenge and then poof, I drank again. During that short 6 weeks I saw myself going back to my old ways and I didn’t like it. So now onto round 2~ and I am on Day 8. I look forward to reading your old posts and your future posts! Momma Bee

  2. Hi there! I’m elee and pretty new to the sober blogging world too. You can find me at seeingclearlee.wordpress.com. I also have been concerned about my drinking for about 10 years (since my mid-twenties too)… have tried lots of ways to cut down/moderate. I am now doing Belle’s 100 day challenge, having started and stopped a few times in the last month, I am now on Day 8 and feeling strong. Hope to read more of your blog :))

  3. I just happened upon your blog (by happened I really mean searched desperately for other blogs from women like me and gratefully added you to my following list). I too am a mom in my 30s. I really related to your post about drinking again, as I recently did just this after 5 months if sobriety. And your hypothetical description basically described my entire thought process. Creepy yet awesome! Anyway- I’m reading and plan to post regularly myself!

  4. Good reading! Spouse to an Alcoholic, find your blog uplifting, shed a few tears because it helps and hoping one day I’ll know that he admits it too, for good.

  5. Hello,

    I thought the readers of your blog might be interested in my new book on giving up drinking for a while. It is called Between Drinks: Escape The Routine, Take Control and Join The Clear Thinkers, and the amazon link is http://www.amazon.com//dp/B00GFYH2H4.

    The book will be FREE for download on Amazon on 14 May 2014 only. No catches.

    You can read more about me and the book at http://www.betweendrinksblog.com. This includes testimonials from people who found it useful.

    Thanks for considering and I hope it helps a reader of your blog. If you would like to review the book please email me and I will send you a free copy

    Any questions please let me know – I’d enjoy hearing from you.

    Thanks again.

    David Downie

  6. Excellent blog. I love your insight and humor and honesty.
    Maybe all those baby books need some honesty about how life really is with a new baby.
    Your situation is just all too familiar, a although it has taken me longer to figure out how to say goodbye to the wine.
    Please keep writing. And don’t let yourself outsmart yourself!

  7. I enjoy reading your blog. What country are u in? I have a feeling we are in the same country where alcohol is celebrated daily and no tipping is the norm. I looked for a contact/email on site and can’t find it. I am new to the sobriety world as I just also recovered from a long physical illness. Mom of two, thinking we may live fairly close? Please stop by when u can.

      • Ohhh i am in Spain! A country where I discovered red wine and became terribly addicted to the smooth stuff! But two decades later, I am done! The cultural social drinking is out of control ( well maybe just I was).. So i could have sworn you were in Spain! Ttysoon, will stop by more

  8. am thinking of giving up alcohol – everything you write about rings true. you write so well and seem so normal!! really inspiring thank you!

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