A quick question: 101 addiction resources for families?

I have a friend whose brother is quite a serious alcoholic.  She asked me if I could recommend any books or other resources which would help her parents understand that alcoholism isn’t a matter of willpower or choice, per se – they are scientists, and respond well to authoritative sources.  Any ideas?

(I have obviously also suggested Al-anon and gone into the fact that addiction is complex and multidisciplinary and she may never be able to make her parents understand)


3 thoughts on “A quick question: 101 addiction resources for families?

  1. Hi Allie, the most science-y book I have read about addiction is by Dr. Gabor Mate- I am a bit biased as he is a local doctor where I live near and I have seen him speak. He’s quite engaging. Families may or may not be able to relate to his ideas because he relies heavily on a trauma-informed perspective in shaping the brain regarding addiction. So families might find that hard to take. But at the same time, he also argues that everyone is a potential addict due to the fragmented and isolated societies we live in, and the way the brain works, so he raises points I think we can all relate to.

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