An ode to sober communities

O!  Sobersphere, so sweet and dear, thou warm and friendly place

Where many enter lost and scared to find a kindly face

Except online, though, all are mask’d, no faces to be seen

Instead we find a friendly word upon our lonely screen

For some very odd reason, and believe me I’m as baffled as you are, this piece of poetic genius didn’t pass my beta readers* when I decided I wanted to write about how amazing the sober on-line communities are for those of us who don’t want to face a room of strangers, or call ourselves alcoholics,  or who haven’t got childcare or want to figure things out through our own words or are just plain stubborn and contrary.

So I wrote this instead, for Substance.  And I promise I won’t keep pimping my byline around here, or anything, but I wanted to link this particular piece because it was you guys who helped me write it.  Paul from Message in a Bottle, Belle from Tired of Thinking about Drinking, the lovely Lotta from Mrs D is Going Without and my personal heroine Lucy Rocca from Soberistas all contributed, but really it’s all of you who helped.  Just as you’ve helped me get sober and stay sober, with your lovely comments and your insights and your own blogs and words and friendship.  And this is the corniest thing I have ever written, but there we are.  Sometimes corn is what’s called for.

*This is a lie.  I do not have beta readers.



4 thoughts on “An ode to sober communities

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I was reading your piece the other day and thought “wow, this is a great article – and hey, I know these people she mentioned,” all the while totally forgetting that you asked me to contribute. D’uh. So I was caught off guard seeing my part in there…lol. I am completely brain dead these days…ha ha.

    It’s a pretty groovy community, isn’t it?? thanks for bringing more light to it 🙂

  2. I would never be where I am, 3years sober, and in AA to boot, if it hadn’t been for first seeking support online. I’m a tech geek, so my go-to place for everything, is online first. I felt like such an outcast, and it was so comforting to find other people who were like me. And I would never have had the courage to walk into my first meeting room, without first knowing online sober people. The rooms have been an equally wonderful environment for me. Grateful! Life would be boring without corn. 😉 Loved your article, thanks!

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