Robin Williams found dead at home – suspected suicide by asphyxiation

I wrote a completely different post this morning, which I was about to edit when I saw this news come through.

Williams checked himself into the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Centre just over one month ago, intending to spend several weeks there officially in order to ‘recharge’ and maintain his long term sobriety.  Williams became addicted to cocaine and alcohol in the late 1970s,and quit cold turkey in 1983.  He didn’t seek help – he just quit, galvanised to do so by the overdose death of his friend John Belushi and the birth of his eldest son.

He stayed sober for twenty years, starting to drink again ‘very gradually‘.  In 2006, though, he admitted that he had relapsed and sought help in a rehabilitation treatment centre, which helped him to regain sobriety.

Addiction, said Williams in a 2006 interview, “waits. It lays in wait for the time when you think, ‘It’s fine now, I’m OK.’ Then, the next thing you know, it’s not OK.”


We don’t know what happened this time.  One of the things that makes this death so tragic is that Williams obviously knew that he was slipping.  People don’t just check themselves back into rehab unless they know that something is wrong.  But whatever treatment or counselling was offered at Hazelden, it didn’t work.

Hazelden is part of the Betty Ford group, and it offers concurrent treatment for underlying mental illness as well as the drug and alcohol abuse that is often a symptom.  There’s nothing here to suggest that they failed Williams – except that he’s dead.

Addiction is one fucker of a disease.  It seems incredible, from the outside, that somebody who quit alcohol and drugs cold turkey for twenty years can have then relapsed.  It seems more incredible that even with long term sobriety, a support group and the resources to access specialist help when he needed it again,  But that’s just how much of a fucker addiction is.  It waits in the shadows, the most dedicated stalker ever known, and it doesn’t discriminate for fame or talent.

Robin Williams, you were an amazing man.  You were funny, you were kind, you were whip-smart and you were as brave and strong and fearless as it is possible to be.  I’m sorry that addiction got you.  I’m sorry that the pain and the loneliness and the darkness overtook you.

You will be missed by a world of people, Robin.


89 thoughts on “Robin Williams found dead at home – suspected suicide by asphyxiation

    • They’re so intertwined. No doubt Williams was driven to check himself into rehab because his depression was taking over, and with that – I’m guessing, but given that he chose a drug and alcohol rehab to go to, and not a psych hospital – came thoughts of substance abuse. Certainly he had a lot of darkness to fight, the poor man.

      • They do offer mental health counseling at the rehab centers. Depression is often the cause of substance abuse.

      • Oh, I agree, and I did make that point in the post. I guess I’m only saying that the substance abuse aspect can’t be ignored, though, because the two things are intertwined, and because in this case, Williams chose to seek treatment at a centre that focuses on sobriety, rather than just seeking generalised psychiatric help. It’s such a chicken and egg question.

    • Shame on you, you heartless excuse of a human being. You know nothing about depression. It is a cruel, unrelenting, everpresent, and all-consuming beast that sucks the life from its victims. I hope you or no one you love falls prey to this destructive monster. Robin will always be my hero and never my coward!

      • I will agree with you here Tracy. When I read this all I could think about was how horrible it must have been for him in those last weeks. Depression is something that can make no sense to someone who hasn’t experienced it before. But you’re right, it is cruel and unrelenting. It twists your mind until you don’t even recognize yourself and if you add alcohol to the mix, it’s a cycle of ever-darkening days with no obvious way out. My heart goes out to him and I pray he finds peace now.

      • I agree tracy….I have bi polar disorder…I dont rant n act crazy I just have ups n downs…in my downs is depression state….you just get so dragged down and all you want is out…you even battle within yourself about doing it n not doing many people go through this the only difference is very few have the nerve to actually do it!! Coward??? Yes it may be easy way out to some but when you feel like nothing is worth living for whats the point in staying n Fighting?? have no idea what was in his head n what demons he had to face daily…I love williams n coward he was not in my eyes

    • No wonder there is still so much stigma associated with mental health problems after reading an ignorant comment like that. Shame on you.

    • I can honestly say that in the few years that I have been reading and commenting on sober blogs I think that is one of the only negative, thoughtless, unsupportive comments that I have read … perhaps the only one.

      Though you might think those unkind thoughts Sharon, it is a shame you felt you needed to commit them to the page.

      People who have battled addiction, depression and/or bi-polar are well aware that ‘there but for the grace of god go I’


      • Sober blogs are very good at being kind places. And this is a good place for a heads’ up to everyone: I am deleting any comment that goes beyond debate and into personal attacks from now on (and have already deleted some fairly foul language directed at Sharon). Keep it civil, keep it kind, keep it focused on the issues. Thank you from your reluctant moderator.

    • Sharon you are a very ruthless individual!! How dare you say something as cruel as you have !! He was somebody & you are nobody !! What he had was a sickness and at least he tried to get help. How are you going to feel if one of your family members has this illness & this happens to them ?!? Shame on you !!!

    • I think it was an extremely selfish act. Alcoholics and addicts will blame anyone but themselves and all to easily they will be labelled depressives and prescribed pills.

      Depression is an indulgence of the western world.

      Work, eat well, exercise, socialise , drink in relative moderation and don’t do drugs.

      There are real mental disorders out there like: schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder. This magnification of the ‘black dog’ just furthers a culture of victims.

      Most of you will react to this comment and tell me i don’t know anything about depression. Well, I was diagnosed with, took meds etc etc. Turns out all I needed to do was grow up and not be so self absorbed.

      Our care should go to those people in the community who really need it: the elderly, children and adults with disability and the terminally ill – not self destructive drug addicts x

      • You know nothing of Robin Williams. He was bipolar. Bipolar drove his addictions (it’s not even possible for it to be the other way round with something like bipolar)…

        I’m not going to tell you that you have no personal experience with depression, but I am going to tell you that your personal experience does not excuse your ignorance of the science on the topic, nor your completely lack of understanding on the ties mental illnesses have to addiction in the first place. The evidence is not in your favour, the vast majority of studies on addictions indicate abuse and mental health struggles (most often depression or anxiety, or both) are causal to the addictive behaviour.
        You have experienced depression, but you don’t know anything about it; or at least nothing about it’s strong ties to the behaviours of people you needlessly malign.

        Those who struggle with depression OR addiction (or both) are no less disabled and worthy of help than me with my sensory processing disorder and anxiety.
        I’ve never had an addiction to anything, not even coffee, but that doesn’t stop me from having things in common with addicts, why? Because we share struggles, with depression/anxiety/self-doubt.

    • What a terrible thing to say.You should be ashamed. Depression, no matter what the cause, is something that takes over your whole being. I know. I was still so depressed six months after my father died I woke up one day and decided I couldn’t take the hurt any more. My husband and sister knew what was happening with me wasn’t normal and FORCED me to go for help. Turns out all I needed was medication for a couple of months for a chemical imbalance. I look back now at that time in my life and I”m so glad that I got help. No one else could see how bad I was. I hid it from my mom, my kids and my grandkids.

      You never know what others are going thru. What you see on the outside is not always how they are on the inside.

      Coward? No he was not a coward. He was ill. He needed help.

    • You obviously have never dealt with depression or know someone who has. I feel sorry for you because you sound ignorant to say the least about an illness that takes so many people from us everyday.

    • I didn’t know a lot about Williams besides that he was very entertaining. But even if he was in some way a coward (which I don’t see how he was) nobody deserves to suffer from Depression. I’m 16. I go to counseling for the suicidal thoughts I have everyday of my life. To know that this guy who made my childhood fun, the voice of the genie from Aladdin, one of my favorite movies as a kid, is just beyond me. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives. No is perfect. But like I said, no one deserves to feel so trapped that the only way out is death. It is very unfortunate and your comment was rude, uncalled for and overall, just immature. I do not wish you ill. I just hope you think about the things you say or post before doing so.

  1. Nope, wasn’t a coward. I believe it was bi-polar disorder. 15% of bi-polar patients commit suicide. Brain is broken you might say.

    • Bi polar or not there are signs that one is suidle my father killed himself but because of are stupity thinking he wasn’t going to do it proved us wrong if we had of help my father he would be alive today …

  2. How could of Robin Williams cause asphyxia to himself, when there wasn’t any evidence ei: carbon monoxide fumes, plastic bag, rope, or other toxic fumes present that could lead to self inducement of death. Wherefore, if ‘asphyxia’ was cause of his death, without the above materials found….Then it was asphyxia by SOMEONE else forcing the asphyxia, suffocation, to Robin Williams death.

      • And that’s sad this goes out to his kids I am very sory an I know what your feeling right now even though my dad was no actor , he was my dad no one knows what a person feels un less you have been there for you see my dad killed himself by gun shot his sister son my cousin different years but at same age of 52 hung himself fighting a drug addiction for yrs and depression was his why of relief when my dad shot himself it tuck us months to recover an still miss him today last year my cousin did it too my dad and him was close my heart and soal goes out to you all your dad was amazing I never met him but he’s been in my house cheering me up for years suisde is the same fame or not he was your dad . Just as my dad died I know what your feeling you can find me on face book if you ever need to talk from a fan , friend May God be with you and help you threw this tragedy …

  3. Suside is something that just dousnt go away with meds . Or treatment my cousin also killed himself cause he was in pain meds an addiction to pain pills an could not get off of them no matter how hard he tried to end the addiction he killed himself but left his kids an wife to handle it and as a person that has been threw this by my own father is hard it’s been 20 yrs and it still hurts to know my own dad left us in this world to be alone prayes and my heart goes out to his family …

  4. Touching tribute and one that hits at the heart of the issue of depresssion/mental illness/addiction. The labels don’t help, they are in my mind all interlinked and intertwined. I am a depressive, therefore I became an alcoholic, or was it that I was an alcoholic therefore I became a depressive? Who knows? Sad sad day echoed throughout the world every hour as others like him sadly lose the fight in someway or other

    • I have never been depressed, but became an alcoholic – still struggling to understand why – and your post struck a chord – every good wish to you x

    • Oh and in addition, many of those I know with long term sobriety see me, at five months, just as equal as them with 25 years. We only have sobriety for now, we cannot guarantee we will have it tomorrow.

  5. To anyone out there who this is influencing: Don’t let it. The Demon got to Robin, so very sad. Don’t let him win with you. Fight like you’ve never fought before. Then when you just can’t fight anymore, reach way down deep and fight for me. Someone you don’t know and probably never will. I’m rooting for you! Don’t ever give up.

  6. Robin Williams had it all but chose to throw it all away. I do not feel sorry for him. He had a choice. People die terrible deaths from cancer and other disease every day and I am sure that all of them to a person would love to have had William’s choices. Shame on him.

      • Thanks for that. Those that are angry or lacking in compassion or understanding simply cannot understand the often irrational, always very real and frequently excruciatingly unbearable pains of addiction and depression.

        There is hope, there is help but both addiction and depression can dull your senses so severely that neither are perceptible to the sufferer.

    • That’s the uninformed mistake people who think depression, mental illnesses are a “choice” anymore than people choose cancer or multiple sclerosis. The kind of depression that drives a person to suicide, is not some funk or blues everybody is familiar with that you snap out of with a smile or a bike ride . . .you don’t power through by force of will. Robin obviously repeatedly sought help, he left a legacy that is pouring out since his death of treating everybody with personal respect, generosity and humanity. There is not one single person of the thousands who knew him and worked with him who would ever label him as selfish or self-absorbed–he gave and gave to charity, to the troops, to the homeless and made everyone around him and touched by him feel loved. So you have to ask yourself, is this not a wakeup call to understanding? IF even someone as generous, kind and gentle and empathetic and caring could be driven to this end, how on earth could this man be dismissed as “selfish”? Further coming out is the real and documented brain changes, trauma caused to the brain by open heart surgery. Google that. Many families have seen complete personality changes in loved ones, depression and suicide, in loved ones who had no history of depression before the surgery. Brain trauma and imbalances that cause disordered thinking and depression are real. We see it in the NFL lawsuit, the NFL knew and withheld the medical knowledge they had of the effects of concussions on players, many of whom are debilitated and have committed suicide. Our troops are coming home with brain injuries, personality changes, depression and higher risk for suicide. Some of Robin Wiliams close friends have come out and reported noting a real difference in him since his heart surgery. Stop stigmatizing depression as a choice, it is an illness and every time an uneducated thoughtless person denounces suicide as cowardly they perpuate the stigma, they reinforce the voice in the sufferers head that they are merely weak and shouldn’t seek medical help.

  7. What compelled Robin Williams to call time out? Was it a situation that the weight of his being, the gulf between his public persona and the way he secretly felt about himself had become too much for the actor to bear? Content this time to stay holed up, settle deeper into his own recesses, vices, increasingly decline the overtures of those who loved him, stubbornly unable to accept who he really was behind the veneer of the telegenic pathos, humor, mired in self doubt, self loathing, overwhelmed with the sense of inevitable foreboding and heavy clouds of depression….and the desire this time to at last finally really go over the edge….

  8. Another waste of talent, the ability to make humor in a world so full of sensitory illusions is a gift, but a gift must reflex true purpose and the final analysis.

    What is true purpose and what is the final analysis one might ask!

    True purpose, is to know that the giver and the loaner are the same, an as receivers of this sense experience called a life or spatial dimension, it is incumbent upon the initiative to seek the source in the quest for wisdom.

    Wisdom lies not in substance, material nor temporal illusions, wisdom lies in loving and mimicking the loaner in endless deeds of righteousness, which supercedes death and guarantees eternity.

    Resurrection In Process Robin Williams, I love you, you touched us all by triggering laugher, which is a trait of the Holy One.

  9. He did not have a choice – that’s like saying you choose to get cancer! The poor man must have been in turmoil. How can people be some stone hearted and graceless?

  10. Excellent blog, Allie.

    Had it all indeed… including a life filled with intense pain. He struggled, fought, and held on every day for six decades, and I’m sure he thought every day about his family. He sought treatment again in July. We failed to give him a way to eliminate the pain. He tried to dull the pain through alcohol and drugs when we gave him nothing else that worked.

    He lived with the pain until he couldn’t bear to live with it any more. Who can judge, or even understand, who has not lived with decades of intense, constant pain? I would selfishly love for him to keep making me laugh forever. I understand that Robin Williams exhausted the possibilities until he ended the pain the only way he could.

  11. Another tormented soul lost in the eyes of addiction and mental illness. I can damn sure relate. RIP Robin Williams. Your gonna be missed by many.

  12. I have loved Robins work and genius for so many years. As a former addict and entertainer I am deeply saddend by his death. His time for repentance is gone. Who can save us from such demons……Christ can.

  13. Now if there is a smile on my face
    It’s only there to fool the public
    But when it comes down to fooling you
    That’s quit a different subject
    But don’t let my glad expression
    Give you the wrong impression
    Really, I sad, oh sadder than sad
    Like a clown I pretend to be glad

    Now there are some things know to man
    But ain’t to much sadder than the tears of a clown
    When there is no one around

    Oh yeah, babe, now if I care to be carefree
    It is only to camouflage my sadness
    In order to shield my pride I try to cover this hurt with a show of gladness

    But don’t let my show convince you…for you Robin Williams rest in peace!

  14. In addiction, we pray for new life.
    In recovery, our new life; we pray for one day at a time.
    In death from addiction, we are sorry, but we live and let die. My sobriety comes first above all others that are suffering. Otherwise; I am of no use to help those who seek it.
    May the troubles that took him go with him; leave us to recover ourselves.

  15. It is very sad. To see such negativity posted. Depression and addiction are serious illnesses. I see people saying Robin Williams had it all and threw it away…. But we do not know his battle. His inner demons. I pray for his family and friends.

  16. I don’t see how everyone is so quick to judge one of.gods creatures .i believe that is for god to do not us..the. Williams family asked for peace and time to grieve everyone needs to respect that..if u were to die would u want people hastling your family did not think so prayers go out to the Williams family and he will be truely missed by all

  17. Alcohol, depression, and drugs are one of the main things that kills family, friends, and beloved celebrities. Its extremely ghastly. After doing it for so long, it consumes you and take over you. You are no longer you but a host. My prayers goes out to everyone who has lost someone to depression, drugs, and alcohol.

  18. Many (most) can and do live with depression/addiction without taking their own life. No one gets that option with a terminal illness. They are not equivalent–at least we seem to agree on that point. One has infinitely more control than the other.

    • I would suggest you contemplate the unbearable anguish those that do take their own lives must be in for it to be perceived as their only option.

      Please don’t mistake this for an endorsement of suicide or a lack of compassion for those suffering from terminal conditions. But this isn’t an argument to be won and I find it highly doubtful that you’re changing any minds here.

  19. Donald – you are ignorant, and lack any compassion. When you have an understanding of mental illness, then you may comment – and I hope you will be better-informed and less judgemental. FFS.

  20. My heart, too, is heavy over Robin’s death. I found myself crying yesterday when I heard the news. Not because I knew him (I didn’t) or because I loved him as an actor (though I have), but because his struggle through substance abuse and depression mirrors so many people’s stories in the world. Addiction is a serious thing and it lasts for a lifetime…whether active or in recovery. I really wish that more people would step forward and share their journey with as much pride as I see in your blog. It ain’t easy, it ain’t always pretty, it can feel isolating, but suffering in silence or minimizing (I sort of feel like Robin’s rep. believed his relapse(s) needed to be down-played to protect his celebrity) only furthers the unspoken belief that the presence of addiction is a taboo and therapy is shameful. I applaud Robin for fighting as hard as he did..many never make it to the mirror.

  21. To Chris: I agree this is not the forum to show any understanding for my point of view and I am sure that most minds on this forum are already made up and no amount of logic will change that. Every person with depression/addiction has a choice–they can live or kill themselves. Suicide is the easy way out with no regard for anyone else. Robin Williams had a choice and he made the wrong choice. So many people have so much less than he and they have no choices. I reserve the right to show my compassion for them instead of people who decide to take their own life for no other reason than depression/addiction. Maybe those people contemplating suicide should spend a little time in a children’s hospital and see precious life that is being taken through no fault of their own. The depth of self pity is staggering.

    • Instead of people who decide to take their own life “for no other reason than depression/addiction”? Such ignorance… Evidently you do not know the pain and endless fighting required to remain alive when suffering with severe depression or similar illnesses. In my experience: imagine a child screaming inside your head, almost constantly. How long do you think you could put up with that? Hours? Days? Years?

      Despite your desire to stay in the world you may love, with family you may love even more dearly, everyone has a breaking point. Wanting to stay with your loved ones, and wanting to avoid causing them pain, in itself causes more pain (to the sufferer) because of the constant feeling of needing to escape the current hell, but not being able to for fear of harming others. Don’t judge before you understand. In fact, don’t judge, full stop.

    • I don’t think anyone would mistake this comment as having “any understanding” of depression. 🙂 Maybe we should just try to avoid contempt for all those in pain. Just sayin’…

    • Who decides what is the right or wrong choice for someone else? That’s arrogant to say so. Suicide isn’t done on a rational mind. It’s when we hit a point that is so painful and destroying that ending our lives seems to be the only way out. I am not sure why you are opining on something that you have no experience with or knowledge of. This is clearly the wrong format and vehicle for your “suicide is for cowards” platform.

      Children with sick bodies and healthy minds and adults with sick minds and healthy bodies are both tragedies. When you’re caught in the grips of something that tells you that there is no point in living and that it will never get better, and that darkness envelops you in a way that suffocates everything in you, a shotgun starts looking pretty good. People with depression and addiction are stigmatized as it is. Here’s some news – I didn’t *choose* to have my alcoholism. People don’t *choose* to have depression. Some of us make it, many don’t. You see it as selfish, but those who have been there (and I have – I was ready to jump under a subway train two months into my sobriety because that is how much my addiction screwed with my mind and I never thought it would get better. I even had it down to a list of what five subway stations I was going to do it), it’s survival.

      I know, I ain’t gonna change the “suicide is selfish” crowd. C’est la vie. But it doesn’t have to be one or the other, as Chris said. Can’t there be empathy and understanding for anyone in pain? Or is it just reserved for those who are lucky enough to get your logic-based blessings?

      • Suside is when your facing your self with no way out .. The lowest a human can be it’s not selfish it’s a trigger in your brain for release of stress that no one should ever feel it’s like you keep trying and climbing but ur just stuck in the same old things I wish to God in Hevean that just because your a actor or something in the public eye that people like me will listen an talk to you .. This man has pulled me out of a lot depression and I never got to shake his hand or even meet him . But I wish I could had talk to him like I said no one knows how you feel till your wearing there shoes I wanted to die but after what my own dad did and my cousin did I can not put my kids an grandbabies threw such pain as this it’s like have a hole in your heart no one to talk to .. Please everyone pray for this family

  22. I’m taking 5 different psychotropic drugs. Over the 20+ years, I took at least 30 different drugs. Benefits were marginal at best.

    As far as the Robin suicide issue, I cannot tolerate people that place judgment and blame. He was suffering and hell yes, I know what emotional pain is. I cannot condone any of the negative remarks said in this forum. If he would die from an aneurysm, this forum would be exclusive sympathy and empathy.

    I can’t understand you guys at all. You should do some introspection and realize that some of your comments might have been cruel, to say the least.

    I have a different view on psychiatry, which I heavily studied and found no correlation between depression and “chemical imbalance”. Poor Robin was mistreated with toxic psychiatry ignoring the issues I’m 100% positive he had.

    This does not call for blame though. I found the truth the hard way and trying to spread the word to save our kids and the nation from becoming medicated zombies.

    Unfortunately, Robin was too depressed and most likely found a medication pushing junkie. Drug lords from our pharmaceuticals are doing the trials themselves.

    Oh friends, please help stop this madness. All we need is love, spirituality, and a healthy ego, which can be taught by competent psychologists. They are very hard to find since they all cling to the Clinical farce of mental illness.

    My condolences to Robin and family. May we hear only good news from all our lovely brothers and sisters on this planet.

  23. Was he a funny man, a true entertainer…. Of course he was. Always on, always putting on the facade of joy and irreverence. And like was said in an early post, he had the “tears of a clown”.
    But to immediately throw him into sainthood, or to cry over a man who did take the easiest way out, is also wrong. Why is it always the negative view that is looked upon as wrong? Sometimes the negative view is the spot on correct way to assess a situation.
    Robin Williams was a substance abuser for years, sought help, and failed to maintain sobriety.
    Robin Williams finally could not live with whatever demons that caused him to abuse in the first place.
    For him, one hopes that he is in a better more peaceful place right now.
    For the rest of us, we can use it as another life lesson that one can NEVER judge another, positively or negatively. He wasn’t a great person, he wasn’t an awful person, just another person trying to exist is this world, who unfortunately couldn’t..
    Then again, maybe he just died from autoerotic asphyxiation.

  24. Many of you are amazing. Evidently you think you know all about me and you presume to know where I have been in my life. In addition, several of you need to add something to the conversation other than simple name calling or making wild, half baked assumptions. Wake up and take responsibility for your actions instead of blaming depression/addiction. The blame game will not get you anywhere. Life is not fair. If you are waiting for it to be fair then you are setting yourself up for failure. Get over it and move on. Until you embrace this you will continue to let depression/addiction keep you down. Choking yourself with your belt is not the best answer.

  25. Robin Williams was not only the greatest comic that has ever graced the screens, but he was a humble, kind person and his passing should have never happened. I blame these woman goldbricks who did not care about the guy but what he could do for them, and money money money, its just sick, Robin’s ex’s should be ashamed of themselves. I forgot they have no soul and no brains. RIP Robin Williams you are sadly missed…

  26. Donald – don’t presume your life and your experiences mirror those of others. You may have one view, many have another. If you haven’t been in such a dark place that your life doesn’t seem worth living, then don’t criticise those who have, like Robin. Get off your soap box and acknowledge that everyone is unique, with a unique take on life, and their problems. Choking oneself is the ONLY answer for some.

  27. I suffer from Depression and it is hereditary; my father had and lucky me I was the only child to get it. I do manage it w/ medication and if I stop meds-trust me it comes back- it always there. I thank god and science for meds. Anyhow, yes I understand what he was going thru it is like living in a personal Hell everyday and feeling like there is no other better way out then self termination. I hope that the good that comes from his death is more awareness of depression and mental illness and the reality of it as I beleiev many suffer in silence and the stigma is terrible and makes those who suffer feel ashamed of telling others or it makes us feel like “oh silly you- common cheer up you’ve got everything to live for”..a total downplay and lack of understanding. So I do hope that his death will cause a change in perception and help others come out and tell others what really goes on when the doors are closed. RIP Robin, you were loved and will be missed and remembered and that in itself is immortality.

  28. carolinef: You are the one who is being presumptuous. You presume that I have never been in a “dark place” just because I have a different viewpoint from your own. Moreover, you evidently feel criticized when someone presents a viewpoint that you are uncomfortable with. In this forum/blog, I obviously have the dissenting opinion but that does not mean I am wrong. If you truly want to be open minded then do not be so sensitive to opinions that are different from your own. You wrote that choking oneself is the ONLY answer for some? Do you really believe that? Robin Williams and people like him have dozens of other choices besides suicide.

  29. I feel critised, Donald? Not at all; perhaps you should turn that statement around at yourself. Your thinking is rigid, and perhaps you should realise that choice is exactly that. Yes, Robin had choices, but he chose the only option he felt was right for him.(and obviously that is not the option for everyone suffering from mental illness). He had reached the end of the road. I hope you never get to that desperate end.

  30. Thank you.I hope you never get there either. Williams made a poor choice no matter how you look at it. My thinking is different from yours, and if you insist on calling it “rigid” then so be it. However, I am quite certain that my view on this matter is shared by the vast majority of people outside this forum. You will never get a whole lot of sympathy from most people so long as there are so many innocent people in the world who suffer due to war, pestilence, hunger, disease, etc. Those are people with problems for which they have absolutely no control. Whether you want to admit it or not, you have a large amount of control over depression/addiction when compared to them. I will leave this forum now because I have a life to live. I wish you the best.

  31. I was sorry to hear of Robin williams death,but it seems that like many other comedians before him ie tony hancock demons are hiding amongst the humour.Plus the hollywood entertainment world is a fickle and false place,that wouldnt help him either.My guess is that he’d had these problems a very long time,probably since childhood maybe the intensity of comedy was his way of dealing with it but he just got tired of the fight.In fact many people just dont realize they’re depressed-I just wonder how many of the people who have been heartless towards his death have checked out their own mental health recently?They are probably scared to and events like this give them a focus to vent their bitterness.They are the real cowards,not Robin williams and they all love to hide behind anonymity,not put themselves on stage.His daughter was treated shamefully by twitter who cowardly refused to go after the trolls making these comments for fear of their site being hacked.So mr williams was no more cowardly than anyone else

  32. When my father killed himself there was no investigation . And his wife my stepmother had him creamated therefore it brung up some odd things how he died ..when your that far gone your not thinking right my dad was sitting in the floor 6 1 with a 12 gage shot gun put it in his mouth pulled trigger but cause of my step mother was fighting with my dad and not at home this sounded funny how can a man sit in the floor take a 12 gage gun wich is long pull the trigger that’s the question that I wana know and he done it just one time it takes bravery action to kill your self he should not had marks on his wrist nor had since enough to close blade ????? He would had drop the knife not closing it .

  33. To Robin Williams .kids I never met him but he was in my home and made us laugh my dad killed himself like I said but when I was little Mork and Mindy an happy days my dad an I watch cherish the moments an time you had with your dad and always keep them in heart and he will be with you at all times he was amazing and made my dad and me laugh It would have been a great honor to meet him and his last picture of his daughter he sure showed the love for her and sons I know you miss him but he’s now face to face with my dad and No dought in my mind he is making the Angels laugh as we’ll my heart goes out to you all .. for the hole world has lost a good man and we will all miss him very much ..

  34. I also wanted to add that I hope that Robin’s death gives people who suffer from clinical depression the courage to get “Help” however that may look. Different things work for different people..Some people say they can manage it without medication while others cannot..some people have a season/ temporary depression (which everyone of us at point or another will experience). However, if that depression comes and goes in a cycle or last an extended amount of time..I hope that would be a red flag to those who expereience that. It took me years to understand what was going on with me…I thought it was just who I was and it was normal and everyone else had the problem. I had sucidal thoughts..I never did..the closest I came was buying a bottle of vodka and sleeping pills as I heard that was sure way to off yourself and it probably wouldnt “hurt”. Everything I saw and experienced was painted in negativity a dark cloud always over me..sometimes it would come out in sarcasm of others and the world. To think “positive”..was an Impossibility..and I truly didnt get when others would say “think positive, the glass is half fulll, etc”..I hated those sayings, thought they were being ignorant robots with a happy face painted on and I just could not do it, I didnt get how they did it. I hated the world and isloated myself from others. I began to drink “regulary” everyday 2-3 hard drinks w/ vodka..I called this “unwinding” and it made me feel carefree and happy for a while..then at other times it would make me more angry the more I thought about life. In the end, the drink no longer worked. I had several break downs though I never showed all happened behind closed doors..but little by little I began to unravel and thru a series of events I eventually had to “look at myself” REALLY LOOK. And then the question came: “Am I Depressed??” “Is something wrong w/me?”…It was hard to look at myself and say this. I never asked myself this..that would be weakness to have something wrong w/ me..and I was strong…I blamed life and everyone and everything else for making me feel this way. But in that moment I truly couldnt anymore and that was when I went to the doctor for HELP..they ruled out everything else it could as they wated to make sure I wasn’t physcially sick as certain diseases can cause depression. Nothing. I was physically healthy. Finally after several specialist my thoughts were confirmed. I had Depression and again my fater suffered from it so the chances were always there for anyone of his children. I’ve been on medication since and I have been able to deal with life more normally..not to say I dont have moments..but they are few and far btwn..compared to every month as they used to be. Also a side note: I had been seeing an AWESOME pyscho-therapist for 3yrs who was on the spiritual end of things..menaing she did not prescribe meds..everything was talk therapy, uprooting past issues and working thru them and alot of spirituality…And she was Wonderful..she helped me thru ALOT of things and I am Thankful for her. The only thing I can say is her never saying perhaps you should seei a doctor or perhaps you should look at anti-depressants..was a mistake bad for me..She had to talk me down from the ledge numerous times and she did..but then a week later I’d be back there again. The moment I was put on anti-depressants was the best moment and it saved me from perhaps self termination- who knows but I was going down down down down mentally and emotionally. Once I was on medication for a while I eventually stopped seeing that therapists as I began to need her less and less..I wasnt on the ledge anymore and we had worked thru alot and to put it shortly..we were done and she had done all she could for me. Meds worked for me and coming to a place of awareness and truth about myself worked for me. Everyone is one way is the right way or wrong way..I’m just sharing my story. Find out what works for you and get HELP if you need it. Don’t end up like RW and so many others and perhaps dont end up like me either as it took me 10+yrs to discover! Alot of Unnecessary Pain. There is NO SHAME in having Depression, Mental Illness, Emotional Sickness or needing medication. You are NOT Weak. Again, as I said earlier..I hope Robin’s death will bring a serious Awareness about the Reality of Depression so that others can try to understand how real it is and its not a “phase” or a “get over it” type of thing. It is a mental sickness. And that his death will also urge those who suffer with it to get HELP whatever way that looks and works for you.
    RIP RW.

  35. to add: I was also not an alcoholic either…It was discovered that I was using alcohol to self medicate and that many unaware depresssed people do. The doctor told me that alcohol eventually makes an indiviual who has depression- more sick- more depressed. Which is probably why I got to such a low point and it “stopped working” no more happy careless feelings just more agony…I also go to say this that I stopped drinking since I’ve been on the medication..the urge, need went away..the only time it has ever come back was when my doctor tried to lower my med dosages..then I began to have urges again and we quickly brought my dosages back to where they were..I can drink socially and not use to self medicate..It is because I am now on what I’m supposed to be on for my chemical imbalances..I am a walking testimony..So, I just wanted to share that there nay be people in “the rooms”..which I have many friends in AA..some of the Greatest People I know..better than the so-called normies out there. But there may be some who are not alcoholics..all I’m saying is if you’re trying to stay sober and you’re very depressed and the depression triggers the desire to use or relapse…you may need medical help and that is something the rooms will not and cannot suggest for you. Only you can Help yourself there.

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