I wrote a thing that I think is worth reading

How’s that for a pithy title?

Anyway. Mumsnet asked me to write a guest post on motherhood and drinking, which is my pet issue, so I did.

Here it is.


6 thoughts on “I wrote a thing that I think is worth reading

  1. Oh, wow. Your last paragraph sent shivers down my spine. And it put into words the anger I feel every time my husband pours me a glass of wine after a tough day with the little ones instead of taking five minutes to listen and rub my shoulders. I refuse to keep numbing myself out of this.

    • Yeah, mine used to bring home a bottle of wine and say it sounded like I needed it (when I’d sent him an exasperated text or something). But then again, I completely enabled him to enable me, so it’s not that I think he forced it down my throat. It’s just that it became such a symbol of – ‘you’ve had a hard day, this is me acknowledging that’.

  2. I am so glad that you started this blog and came out into the world…
    i am so grateful for all the truth you write and all the people that you will help with your words.
    Please take good care of yourself as you do this work, there are all different ways to lose yourself.

    This is an awesome post, simple and clear, and I can hear heads nodding and lightbulbs going off all over the world.
    Thank you for what you are willing to do

  3. Amazing article.. I am (hope you don’t mind) sharing this with my sister (daily wine o’clock infant twins and 3 year old drinker) and a group of amazing strong sober women that came straight from this, including me… It’s like a joke or a set up all these mommas (yes including me) that can’t find anything else to help ease the strain of motherhood… This is an epidemic, (my own opinion) and the more we discuss and share maybe the new fan-dangled play dates will be sober o’clock ones?
    Your writing is inspiring and fresh and is so helpful! It’s worth reading over and over again..

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