This is not a post

After three days of lying next to Little Girl while she coughed and hacked in my face, I am – and this will astonish you – a little bit sick.  Headachey and nauseated and dizzy and I just want to sleep, although having taken three days off work to care for the aforementioned LG, I am here pretending not to be sick, and tired, and nauseated.

Come to think of it, it’s a whole lot like the way I used to spend Fridays at work.


6 thoughts on “This is not a post

  1. Get well! They are little germ boxes, eh!

    I was just thinking – wow it’s Friday and I’m not hungover. How very unusual.

  2. Hope you feel better soon… sometimes I get ill and remember as I drag myself out of bed feeling sick and achy and all that… “Shit I felt like this everyday when I was drinking. How the hell did I do it?”

  3. Get well soon! An honest headache and feeling nauseated is pretty bad but at least one doesn’t have to feel the shame that comes with a hangover

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