Quick check in

Still here.  Kind of overwhelmed.  Human feelings and emotions!  Goodness.  Am I right?  I’m either on the verge of tears, so down that I have to say to my husband I love you and I’d really like to connect with you soon if you know what I mean but tonight I need to stare at a wall and then escape into sleep, or so excited that I’m grinning stupidly and suppressing the urge to literally jump up and down with glee.

I mean!

I have a bunch of things to say, because when did I ever not have a bunch of things to say, but my brain is all over the fucking place today and I’m too scattered to say any of them.  In related news, someone suggested I may have ADD!  So there’s that.

Anyway.  Day something.  Sober.  Talk soon!


3 thoughts on “Quick check in

  1. I do remember those days of wondering whether the lunatics had taken over the asylum (sorry if unPC metaphor). and I would say that you have alcohol deficit disorder 😉 if it were not that there is no such thing….because *our bodies did not evolve to run on alcohol*. and those of us who have been attempting to speed up evolution dramatically over the last ten/twenty/thirty years have been finding out to our cost that THAT shit is not going to work for us.

    scattergun posts all good. wishing you more fizzing days than flat ones! so glad you’re here. xx

  2. I can relate to your rapidly shifting emotions. I hope you’ll be taking good care of yourself, and remember, your husband will connect with you when you’re ready.

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