In the end, we toasted with Asproclear

It didn't look like this.  We couldn't find the lemons, or the knives.

It didn’t look like this. We couldn’t find the lemons, or the knives.


Thank you for all the kind comments on the last post. It’s been a tough, tough week for our heroine’s fledgling sobriety, the toughest since I began this project six – gosh, six? – weeks ago.

We moved yesterday, although you may see this post some days later because my new house has no internet connection for two weeks, oh the humanity of it, and it was. Well. Things went wrong. The removalist truck got moved along by the council, and then the police, despite me brandishing a permit in their general direction, which meant that the move took twelve hours and cost me a thousand dollars over what I’d budgeted. A friend took the afternoon off to help, borrowed his brothers utility vehicle and arrived like the cavalry, but a particular sort of cavalry which forgot to fill up with fuel, didn’t know how to drive the vehicle, got it bogged halfway down our driveway and blocked the removalists for another hour while the road assistance truck arrived. LH and I, in a desperate attempt to actually get out of the place by midnight and not have to actually sell the clothes off our backs to pay for it, lifted far more things and far heavier things than we should have done for far more hours.

And then it was done, and the children were finally fed and in their new beds, and we sat down with our own delicious meal of vol-au-vents and lasagne, because that’s the sort of thing you eat when you’ve just moved over a decades worth of possessions in one day, and we had this discussion:

LH: I can’t decide whether my back hurts worse than my neck. Hey, did I show you all the bruises on my legs?
Me: Impressive. I scraped all my knuckles down the corridor carrying a box, so I’m just warning you, the house has a taste for blood now.
LH: Actually my back definitely hurts the most.
Me: Mine too.
LH: Ow.
Me: Yes. Definitely ow. I’m not sure I can actually get up. I might sleep in this chair.

And so my lovely LH levered himself up, fetched two plastic wine glasses full of water, into which he dissolved effervescent aspirin, and handed me one. We clinked and drank them down.

Me: Happy?
LH: Very happy. I love this house. I love you.
Me: I love this house and you too. Well done us.
Me: Still can’t move, though.

So, no glitter juice. No fancy elderflower cordials. No beautiful glassware. Just us, some boxes, and some aspirin. And a whole bunch of happiness.


9 thoughts on “In the end, we toasted with Asproclear

  1. Awh, that is really quite lovely. Somehow I think that makes it a more real touching happy moment than any amount of champagne could have. Congrats on the move! I loathe moving with a passion so I can imagine your relief to be done.

      • I’m doing better actually, thanks for asking. I had a long easter weekend away with friends and there was a lot of alcohol in the house (and drunk) and I had predictable pangs but it was all ok. Better still, I could play out in my head how the weekend would have been if I had drank and that picture honestly looked worse to me overall, not better. Then yesterday I realised I felt happier than I have in ages (and certainly as opposed to how dreadful I would have felt had I drank all weekend).

        I think I have been in a real funk since starting this latest quit but am now finally getting back to a happier place and greater certainty/acceptance. 53 days today and I do think, from past experience, that something really shifts sometime around 2-3 months and that seems to be kicking in for me again now. And for you too it seems. Yay!

      • Hurrah! Well done you. Easter was tough here too; a couple of old drinking buddies who now live interstate came to visit, and brought champagne to celebrate the new house, and, well, yeah. But it’s fine.

      • Give yourself due credit. If you didn’t use that as an excuse to cave and drink, given your mixed feelings lately and the internal struggle over toasting the new house, then that is more than fine – it is FABULOUS. So, now you must go spend the money you would have spent on booze on some other lovely housewarming present for yourself. 🙂

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