Welcome, welcome, come in. Make yourselves at home.

I am beyond pleased to have you all here.  Thank you SO much, Lilly.

Do come in.   Make yourselves at home.  Shoes off, if you don’t mind; the place is new and I’ve just had the floors done. What can I get you to drink?  Cranberry and tonic, verjuice and soda, I have some very nice hot chocolate if it’s chilly where you are.  Stay a while, I intend to get to know you all as well as I can.


8 thoughts on “Welcome, welcome, come in. Make yourselves at home.

  1. Do you have any flavored green teas? I do love a nice cup of tasty green tea. LOVE what you’ve done with the place. Trying out sobriety you say? OOOhhhh that might just be my favorite topic. Life without any alcohol added. It’s grand. Look forward to following along with your journey xxxx

    • I’ve never got the hang of green tea, it always tastes bitter to me (unless it’s in a Chinese restaurant and it’s proper jasmine tea, so maybe it’s in the making?). But if you have a brand you would like to recommend, I am all ears. Which will make it tricky to drink it, but I’ll persevere.

      • Actually it is at least partially in the making – most people brew it too long and too hot, hence the bitterness. It should be brewed at 80 degrees because it burns easily. In practice I just let the kettle sit for awhile after its boiled before I brew it and just for 2-3 mins. Genmai cha is a nice blend with popped rice in it that tends less to that bitterness too.

        Lilly (who has become quite the tea expert since giving up alcohol… and now that the weather’s getting cold here again I’m looking forward to stocking up on some more nice teas for this winter)

  2. Yup Lilly is spot on – I’ve lashed out on a tea maker which regulates the temperature according to the tea type and one that I couldn’t drink due to the bitter tannins is now my favourite. Tea2 has some divine blends available on-line – always nice to have a pressie to yourself turn up in the post. 🙂

  3. Hi, I’m definitely a builders tea, normal (the tea, not me!) with milk, no sugar.
    no fancy fragrant tea, no lady grey, no posh ones.
    always telling it completely honestly.
    glad I found your blog Lilly, good luck, you are doing so well!

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