Day 15 check in

Here at the start of the third week of the rest of my life I just want a record of how it is for me right now.

At the moment, and for the last week, I still have a craving to drink every day. But only from about 5 pm to about 7 pm. If I can get to dinner, then I’m fine. And knowing that takes the sting out of it. It’s only two hours. Today doesn’t represent a better time to drink than yesterday did, and I’m glad I didn’t drink yesterday.
My skin is really, really nice. Without makeup, it looks like it did with makeup on before. I used to have nice skin, it used to be a thing about me, I think it might be again.
I’m not sure if my eyes are also brighter, but probably.
I’ve put on two or three pounds. This is a surprise, although I have been eating what the hell I want, I wasn’t dieting or denying myself before, so I can’t possibly be eating an extra 500-600 calories a day and yet I am. I really, really need to take up running again. My forgiving clothes are too tight. I want to start a diet, but I think maybe I should wait.
I’m sleeping amazingly. I had some insomnia early in the second week, not helped by the fact that we bit the bullet and weaned Toddler off her night time bottle(s) of milk. But now she’s sleeping through mostly and so am I. I have no trouble at all dropping off, and I usually don’t hear Lovely Husband even come to bed if he’s much later than me.

I think that’s all. I keep waiting to transform into an awesomely energetic creative spirit who goes for dawn runs before whipping up a handmade shawl. But it may never happen. I did spend quite a lot of money on materials for a beginners patchwork project yesterday, something I can chip away at quietly, but I can’t honestly say that is due to sobriety. At the moment it’s still fairly anti climactic, I guess, but it’s also just, well. Nice.


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