The Sober Bakery

Or not necessarily a bakery, but this thought was inspired by a post by Belle about starting a bakery to which I said, wouldn’t it be nice to have a sober bakery?

It doesn’t have to hold meetings, although if the local AA chapter wants to meet there, why not? If anyone deserves good coffee and properly indulgent cake, it’s people getting sober.

Just a safe space, though, because I don’t know about you but alcohol talk is fucking everywhere in my life and it’s like little needles under the skin. Look at my fecund pomegranate tree, that’ll make a nice pitcher of cocktail. Oh my goodness what a day, thank god for wine. Send gin, I have to deal with my mother in law. All the good public spaces are alcoholic. Wine bars, cosy pubs, etc.

So we need a space that’s friendly, ambient, and safe. A space where one can pitch up and join the conversation knowing that nobody will joke about having had a long day, can’t wait for that large glass of wine waiting at home. Nobody will be boasting about last nights drunken exploits. There’ll be interesting mock tails and really decent cake and maybe music.

And if someone does walk in looking desperate, there is always someone to help. To sit them down, to listen. We’ve got you, we understand, you can beat this. The wolf can’t get in here. No wolfies allowed.


2 thoughts on “The Sober Bakery

  1. I’ve been reading about these dry bars that are popping up in the UK recently. There was an article in The Guardian not long ago, I think. Honestly, I love the idea of a safe place to go out and enjoy a day/night. I do think the trend is going toward that: ich drücke uns die Daumen!

    • I read about those too, Rebecca, and I think they’re very interesting (and what they say about society is great!). That said, I note that their focus appears to be on holistic health of the sort that I find – well, almost punitive? You know, macrobiotic vegan whole food green juice.

      I want somewhere that is the culinary equivalent of fuzzy socks. Good strong coffee. Amazing cake. Comfortable chairs and candles on the table. All the self care that active drinkers don’t do.

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