If I had friends who had done this sobriety thing, these are things I would ask them.

Why the fuck am I so tired all the time?

Where is my motivation? I’m not doing anything except what I used to do: sitting on the couch with my blogs and my books. I’m just not drinking while I do it.

Where are these vast swathes of time I was promised? Everyone talks about one’s evenings unfurling with possibilities. I’ve even planned what sorts if creative things I want to do. But come eight pm and I’m just reading and sitting, sitting and reading.

Why haven’t I lost any weight? I’m not eating the calorific equivalent of a bottle-plus of wine a night.

Is it a really bad idea to start a diet this early? Is there a magic number of days where I should just eat whatever, will I burn out if I try and do too many things? I am so very sick of this tummy.



3 thoughts on “If I had friends who had done this sobriety thing, these are things I would ask them.

  1. The answer to all of these questions comes down to: TIME. These things all happen but unfortunately they don’t happen right away. You have to hang in there for a bit wondering if it’s all worth it before you start to really see the benefits. I reckon it takes 2-3 weeks to start really feeling them and then further along there are bigger shifts at 30 days, 90 days, six months.

    Also, read up about PAWS as it can help make sense of some of the frustrating things that come with early sobriety and how your brain and body take awhile to heal, repair and rewire.

    Meanwhile, just keep adding up those days, be patient, be kind to yourself. It’s ok not to do it all at once (like the diet), just keep not drinking.

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