Day Four

First urge that could be described as a craving. Took the girls shoe shopping after school, because Elder’s school appears to consider three days appropriate notice to require sports footwear to be provided. Little One had a tantrum because she didn’t want to leave daycare, or go home, or go to the shops, or stay at daycare, or wear her shoes, or take her shoes off…you know the drill if you’ve ever been around a two year old.

Then we got to the shop and ran into Elder’s best friend, whose mum was in the process of buying her three, count ’em three pairs of shoes including pink sparkly light up ones. Cue tears and foot stamping, which Little One joins in with just to be sociable, so I end up picking one child up under each arm and walking out. The picture of calm, I bought them each a sushi roll and we sat down to eat while Elder tried to decide if she could behave. It’s all too terribly tedious for words, this bit of parenting, and usually my reaction to an afternoon like this is to pour myself an extra large glass of wine.

But no. I have a good hot coffee and the girls have TV and there are pizzas in the oven. Go me, etc.


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