Six week plan: Day Three

Chose not to drink. Feeling good. Feeling excellent really.

Write about what you’ve achieved today.

To be honest, I hoped I’d have a surge of energy today. Have all these nascent projects bubbling away in my head. But actually I got up with my toddler, who is sleeping like a baby – that is to say, sporadically and with bursts of crying for no reason – had coffee, took her to a park, picked up Elder Sister from my mums house, came home, put Younger down for a sleep and had a nap. In the afternoon I volunteered to run errands while the girls were glued to the TV and wandered around Spotlight trying to inspire myself. Dinner, played dodgem cars with Husband (place small giggling child in large packing box. Ram into opponents child-in-a-box), put Elder to bed, made a batch of lunchbox pizzas while Husband cooked.

I’d like to add something about how much more present in the moment I was or how I’d not have bothered making pizzas before or whatever, but really this was a normal weekend. I have always put a lot of energy int making my household run well. And to be honest I mostly want to sleep a lot.

I will say this though. Nothing about my weekend was any less fun, exciting or real because I wasn’t drinking.


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